Molson Canadian Calendar Print & OOH - GCD/AD/Photographer
The Molson Canadian Calendar was the very definition of all things Canadian. It was unique for a few reasons; It celebrated our rich Canadian history, it marked the first time Molson secured ad space every day for a full year, and it gave Canadians a reason to say "cheers" every day.


Molson Canadian TV - GCD/AD

And finally, The Monkeys.

"An infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters” instead of beer-ad stalwarts like babes and hard working guys – inspired new advertising for Molson Canadian." AdAge

"Molson Canadian's latest ads have nailed our schizophrenic national identity. A twist of the screw-cap to the fine and fearless Canuckleheads behind the marketing of Molson Canadian." Marketing

"The important thing is that Molson achieved what every company with any marketing sense aims for – consumer curiosity and involvement." Strategy

"The typing Chimps – a teaser that actually did earn audience buzz – has indeed turned out to be the pilot for the new gravity-breaking Molson Canadian campaign." PlayBack

Playback Top Spots Award with honours for Art Direction and Music

Molson Canadian TV - GCD/AD